Courier companies come in all shapes and sizes. With thousands of years of development behind the trade, modern couriers are highly capable individuals who are fully capable of delivering just about any parcel across the globe within the smallest time frames. As mentioned before, there are big courier companies, small ones and medium scale ones. If a client is to choose a courier to take on an urgent delivery assignment, he or she will have plenty of options to select from.

Here, we will be discussing about small to medium courier companies. These are more abundant than massive scale global corporations and most of them are budding entrepreneurs with the hopes of reaching the high standards and capacity level of the above mentioned courier service giants.

The most prominent feature of these small courier companies in Lancing is the fact that they operate with an extremely limited amount of resources and an even more limited number of employees. It will be an incredibly rare occurrence to find a small courier company with a fully fledged office and a large number of employees flittering about. Most of these companies are operated from the homes of the owners while the employees often consist of the owners themselves and probably a trusted partner or family member.

Resources often refer to the number of delivery vehicles. The bikes, cars and vans used to make deliveries all belong to this category. But a delivery vehicle is not always enough to make the delivery. Since it is highly unlikely that a small courier company will only be given delivery assignment specified to areas they are familiar with, navigating devices such as GPSs are often essential to make sure that deadlines are not missed while the courier tries to find a particular delivery address. Other than that, a website and most importantly, a working phone line are also of utmost importance.

Most medium to small Brighton couriers offer their services at a lower cost. The small number of employees and low overhead costs are usually the main reason behind the lower cost of deliveries. However, the limited resources and man-power could also be a disadvantage. For instance, if a client is to offer a large scale project, the company may not have the capacity to take it on due to the limited availability of resources and work force. However, it is necessary to understand that the best courier delivery deals come from medium to small scale companies. If you are a client on the lookout for a potential service provider to take on a long term deal, a smaller company would be ideal for your requirement and budget.